Planet Antares Is Scam - BEWARE!!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Planet Antares Scam Masters

Its shocking but true. Planet Antares Inc, headed by Mr Dana Bashor seems to be engaged in another vending machines scam. We have recently found at Planet Antares Scam Post by that how company has taken services from professional internet marketing agency to bluff people.

We were surprised to find out that all the websites who have written good about Planet Antares Inc are the ones that are being owned or controlled by Mr Dana Bashor (Owner Planet Antares Inc) Planet Antares Inc is trying to hide all the genuine negative feedback given by various consumers, agencies and individuals.

The company source vending machines from Asia and sell them at whooping prices. The same vending machines manufactured by partner company can be had for less than half the price.

There are numerous complaints against the company floating on the web. The company does not entertain operators once they have sold their vending machines to them. We have seen that vending machines of Planet Antares brand, costing above 6000 USD are sold on ebay for just 2000 usd in just one year.

Below is the list of various online sources that provide genuine information about Planet Antares Inc.

The company has changed various names since its inception in 1987. We recommend our readers to beware of dealing with Planet Antares Inc.

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Monday, April 05, 2010

What and Why about Vending – Planet Antares Advice

Till date we have always been looking at the benefits and necessity of taking up vending machine business. But have we ever wondered on how these machines work? Lot of care has been taken while designing vending machines. Since vending business is completely based on instinct buying, a lot of care has been taken while designing them. Besides being attractive and attention grabbing, these machines are very easy to operate.

How do they work? What is the logic behind a vending business? How is it possible that when you insert coin into the machine, you get the product you coveted? Is this some sort of miracle? No, it’s something more than that. Although most of us do not go out the intention of making any purchase, these stylish and eye catching machines force us to buy a product.

In the last few years, there has been a lot of change in people, their needs and lifestyles. Most of the couples in US are employees and they hardly have any time for themselves. Vending machines have been developed to make use of these hectic lifestyles of people. Hence they came up with lot of instant and ready to eat products. These products reduce your waiting time at restaurants and at the same time provide complete and hygienic food items.

If you think that vending machines are just limited to offering food products alone, you are thoroughly mistaken. These machines offer more than just food products. Modern vending machines offer everything right from newspaper, salads, sandwich, soft drink, juices, pastry, and dessert to DVD’s and even insurance policies. A smart vending operator is one who forecasts his customer needs and offers them before hand. However, offering products alone is not sufficient for successful business, you also need to identify location and install these machines strategically in those places.

So if you are looking at starting a vending business, then try to understand what customers look for in a vending machine? And what is that which can attract them the most. Planet Antares staff can help you in identifying various needs and necessities of the vending business and their staff can guide you through the entire vending process if you are looking to start your own vending business.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Planet Antares Vending Machine Business in Detail

Are you self motivated willing to take up challenges? Then vending is the perfect business for you. This is a very simple and easy to operate business as long as you understand its intricacies. This is perhaps one of the most profitable business models that do not require any huge floor space or capital for its installation.

However, just like any other business model, vending has both positive and negative aspects. Anyone interested in starting his/her own vending business needs to know more about it. This article aims at giving all possible inputs about this business.

To begin with, let us look at some of the positive aspects of this business. The first and foremost factor that needs to be considered is that this business requires zero labour as machine does all the sales for you. Another thing is that since this is complete cash business operators are free from the risk of running in to bad debts. Operator is also free from paper work and other related Hassel’s.

Now let us look at some of the negative aspects of this business. The common issue with this business is frequent break down of vending machines. However, just as every problem comes with a solution. These negatives can also be overcome with careful planning.

Some of the key elements for successful Planet Antares vending machine business are right machine, right product and right location. As we all know, location is crucial for success of vending business. You must locate your machines in prime locations with heavy customer foot fall, easy to locate and accessible. Before finalizing the location, ask yourself whom are you targeting at? What are the products you would like to vend?

The other factor you need to take into consideration is the type of vending machine you would be using. There are a lot of machines and some may give access to all the products while others may dispense only a single product. Choose the most appropriate one that fulfils your business requirements. The type of machine you choose is important as machines are mechanical things that tend to break down. And a beak down would seriously affect your business.

Proper maintenance and frequent servicing of machine not only increase its life but also help in providing uninterrupted services to customers. Thus boost your sales.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Starting Planet Antares Vending Machine Business?

Vending is one of the very few exciting business opportunities available in the present market. However, just like any other business it cannot be started without any proper planning. To begin with operators need to conduct thorough market research and look at various options available. Finance is one of the main prerequisites for starting any business. The scale of operation, kind of machines you purchase, product you dispense and the choice of location are all influenced by your financial or budgetary limitations.

Now that you have decided to start your own vending business, you need to check with Business Bureau before proceeding any further. Operators also need to make themselves acquaint to local and state laws that govern vending operations.

There are several companies offering wide variety of vending machines in various sizes, models, colors and price ranges. Operators should never compromise on the machine and always go for a new vending machine of reputed company like Planet Antares. This can help you provide efficient and uninterrupted customer service.

Choice of product to be vended is also another important aspect which operators need to bear in mind. The success of your business is highly influenced by the kind of products you dispense. Moreover products also give operator an edge over their competitors. Modern vending machines are capable of selling wide variety of products like DVD, CD, insurance, flowers, healthy food, games, personal hygiene products, toys, snacks and many more. Hence operators need to be very careful while finalising on the products.

Location is another feature which operators need to bear in mind while installing their machines. Having the right machine with right product in right location is crucial for successful vending machine business. These aspects along with prompt and timely servicing would help you offer high quality customer service and thus boost your sales.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Vending Success Guide – Planet Antares

There is a lot of difference between hearing and doing. You might have heard a lot about vending business, its benefits and the reasons why you need to start one on your own. But in practicality when you actually take up one you are often in a confused stage not knowing how to proceed any further. In this situation, proper expert guidance would be of great aid to you.

If you are looking at considering commercial vending machine business, there is a huge scope in this segment. Wondering who is perfect for guiding you in this line of operations. It’s your local distributor. A in depth discussion with your distributor would give you a wealth of information the opportunities in this business, costs involved in it and most importantly about the commissions you would be required to pay the location owners for installing your machine.

There are numerous benefits associated with a vending business. Some of these are:

• Vending does not ask for specific skills or technical knowledge.
• It gives you lot of flexibility in terms of working hours and in making several decisions related to this business.
• Depending on your individual interest and convenience, you can take up this business either on a full time basis or part time.
• This business does not ask for any huge initial investments.
• This is a complete cash business. So you need not bother about bad debts or collection issues.
• Profit margins are very high in this business.
• Apart from enjoying all the above benefits, operators can still get tax exemptions.

Now that you have understood about this business in detail, make sure you look for some unique product for selling in your Planet Antares machine. The product you dispense should also be fast moving one with high demand among your target audience. It is also important that you start your business on a very small scale and expand it over a period of time either by adding new machines to existing locations or by adding new locations.

After locating this machine in a perfect location, give due importance to its servicing and maintenance. These simple things if done would make your business a grand success.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tips for Identifying Right Vending Locations – Planet Antares

By this time we all know the importance of location in a vending business. Location here would mean an ideal place with heavy customer flow. Although there are many locations meeting this requirement, the customer visiting this place should be the same as operators target customers.

When it comes to vending business, operator’s choice of location is influenced by several factors like his financial limitations, the kind of products he would be dispensing and off course target audience. However, there are two aspects which operator needs to bear in mind before finalising on a particular location. These aspects are visibility and accessibility. Both these determine the success of your business.

Since the introduction of this business, there are few locations which are highly preferred by operators. Some of these areas include schools, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, amusement parks, restaurants, parks, gyms and other places where people need to wait for considerable time.

Identification of perfect vending location is not as simple and easy as it may sound to be. Distribution of flyers is one of the most conventional methods for identifying a vending location. Flyers not only spread message quickly but also give publicity to your business. This method also helps you gather huge information about various operators in that particular locality, kind of machines used by them, their pricing, services rendered by them and similar information which is vital for your business. You should go on repeating this process until you find few locations.

After flyers, the next best method for identifying vending locations is through advertising. In case things do not work for you, then you can always take the assistance and guidance of a vending locator. Since he is a professional, he is more aware of the market and can provide you with location of your choice.

The mode or medium for identifying new locations would however depend on operators interest and financial limitations.

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Product Selection in a Planet Antares Vending Machine

With increasing number of vending operators, wide variety of products is designed exclusively to be offered using vending machines. In such a situation choosing one product from amongst the group could be quite challenging. How to cope up with such situation? Before finalising on the kind of product to be dispensed using vending machine, operators need to conduct thorough market research, identify products in use, those offered by competitors and finally those that are in great demand form customers.

Another thing that operators need to consider while dispensing products is availability of supplier. This is vital because a supplier located in a nearby area would avoid delay in transporting products and thus save a lot of time and effort. Modern customers are willing to spend slightly higher amount but do not want to compromise on the quality. Hence, operator needs to check on a regular basis if the products provided by vender are fresh and have not crossed their expiry dates. If any customer comes across a product that has crossed its expiry period, it will create bad reputation and he will not revisit your vending machine again. This will lead to spread of negative image in the market and thus affect your business.

The kind of products you offer is also influenced by the location in which you install your machine and by the customers you target. For instance if you are placing your machine in a middle class area and are offering high priced product, you cannot expect huge sales. Similarly the product you offer should be able to meet the requirements of you target audience and at the same time satisfy them.

Understanding customer needs is key to a successful vending business. So, make sure you know your customer needs and requirements. This is possible either by asking them using questionnaires or by conducting a small market survey.

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