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Friday, March 05, 2010

Product Selection in a Planet Antares Vending Machine

With increasing number of vending operators, wide variety of products is designed exclusively to be offered using vending machines. In such a situation choosing one product from amongst the group could be quite challenging. How to cope up with such situation? Before finalising on the kind of product to be dispensed using vending machine, operators need to conduct thorough market research, identify products in use, those offered by competitors and finally those that are in great demand form customers.

Another thing that operators need to consider while dispensing products is availability of supplier. This is vital because a supplier located in a nearby area would avoid delay in transporting products and thus save a lot of time and effort. Modern customers are willing to spend slightly higher amount but do not want to compromise on the quality. Hence, operator needs to check on a regular basis if the products provided by vender are fresh and have not crossed their expiry dates. If any customer comes across a product that has crossed its expiry period, it will create bad reputation and he will not revisit your vending machine again. This will lead to spread of negative image in the market and thus affect your business.

The kind of products you offer is also influenced by the location in which you install your machine and by the customers you target. For instance if you are placing your machine in a middle class area and are offering high priced product, you cannot expect huge sales. Similarly the product you offer should be able to meet the requirements of you target audience and at the same time satisfy them.

Understanding customer needs is key to a successful vending business. So, make sure you know your customer needs and requirements. This is possible either by asking them using questionnaires or by conducting a small market survey.

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