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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Used Versus New Vending Machines

Vending is one of the simplest businesses which can be started with limited capital. Since its inception, this business has become highly popular among both customers and operators. The main reason being convenient and instant services associated with this machine.

With growing popularity, more and more entrepreneurs are keen to take up this business. However, in order to save or cut down initial set up costs, some entrepreneurs are getting lured by the false commitments given by used vending machine operators. This however proves to be very expensive in the long run.

Merits of new vending machines over used ones are discussed below:
  • Cost versus maintenance: A used machine may cost you less when compared to a new one. But an old machine is more prone to frequent breakdowns and repairs so this would only increase your maintenance cost.
  • Warranty: All new machines are thoroughly checked both inside and outside and are certified. They also come with a warranty period of maximum 1 year. Even if something goes wrong, it can be replaced or exchanged without any hassle.
  • Guaranteed performance: A new machine always has an excellent scope for performance, provided it is from a trusted partner like Planet Antares.
  • Low maintenance: New machine will not have frequent complaints and thus involves low maintenance.
  • Good looks: New machine is always more attractive than a used one. This can draw more customers towards it.
  • More choice: When you purchase a new machine, you have wide choice in terms of the model, design, color and product to be sold.
Finally, last and most important thing to remember is, always purchase vending machines of popular brands from established outlets only. Proper maintenance also ensures long life to your machine. So learn few ways to fix problems your self. This will not only increase life of the machine but also reduce your maintenance costs.

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