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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Remaining Profitable in a Changing Vending Industry

The general economy has experienced a good degree of growth, but the vending industry is not exactly sharing in its prosperity. This is due to work site downsizing, creation of smaller work sites and increased competition from other vending operators.
Remaining profitable in the vending industry will not be difficult if you use a vending program, like the one provided by Planet Antares. This vending program can show you how you can remain profitable by using some of the strategies below.Raising product prices
Before you raise prices in your Planet Antares vending business, you should consider other options such as removing unprofitable vending machines, charging vending machine rental fees, reducing the level of service or lengthening service intervals to vending machines. If you need to increase prices of the snacks and beverages in your Planet Antares vending business, you can just go ahead and do that. It might be met with a little resistance at first but consumers today recognize that retail prices are increasing so they will eventually understand the price hike. When you are increasing the prices, you can offer incentives such as price reduction on less popular products. Another technique that you can use is trade-up snack marketing, where large-size vending machine products are sold in order to increase consumer value.

Cut commissions
Cutting down on the commission that is paid to locations is the easiest change that will have the least impact on vending machine consumers. This is a strategy that you can use instead of increasing prices in your Planet Antares vending business. Nevertheless, you can offer profit saving concession to the location owners. You just need to decide on the type of concessions to offer.

Partner with location owners
Sharing accurate financial information with the location owner will make the location owner more willing to cooperate with your changing needs as a vending operator. Accurate accounting is critical in determining the profitability of an account and making adjustments to vending machine products and prices.

Incorporating new technology in your Planet Antares vending business will result in improved efficiency and profitability. Vending machine software is capable of analyzing vending machine sales by location, machine and line item. This will help you to determine which products to sell. Other technologies that can be used are alternative payment options.


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