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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Glass Front Vending Machines

Planet Antares offers glass front snack and beverage vending machines that are designed with state of the art engineering and quality workmanship that allows for the most advantageous combination of snacks and beverages.

Glass front vending machines come in different shapes and sizes and it is usually the snack and beverage vending machines that have a glass front. The advantage of these kinds of vending machines is that the customer can see what exactly they are buying. This is very important because vending sales are mainly impulse sales. Impulse sales are the sales that are unplanned and are usually made because the customer has seen a product and it appealed to him/her. If you have a glass front Planet Antares vending machine or any other snack and beverage machine in a subway, gas station or a shopping mall, a customer that is passing by can easily decide to have a snack or a beverage upon seeing the vending machine. In such a case the customer was not even thinking about having a snack, but upon seeing the vending machine the customer was compelled to make a purchase. If the vending machine has a glass front, it would be an added advantage, since now the customer not only sees the vending machine but he also sees the product.

When you have a glass front Planet Antares vending machine you need to make sure that the products are well displayed when they are in the vending machine. The disadvantage the customers have when they are buying form a vending machine is that they are not able to touch or feel the product. That is why a glass front machine gives the customer the benefit of at least seeing the product while it is in the vending machine. A well displayed glass front vending machine can increase your vending sales.

Since the products that you are selling in a glass front Planet Antares vending machine will be displayed, you need to make sure that you have the right product mix in the machine, especially at the front of the vending machine. If you have products displayed that don’t appeal to the customer, you customer will steer clear of your vending machine. With a display of branded snacks and beverages, you can never go wrong, since they are easily recognizable. Even from a distant, a customer can recognize a branded product in a glass front vending machine, by just noticing the colors. Branded products displayed in glass front vending machine will definitely pull customers to your vending machine which would of course result in increased sales.

A glass front vending machine has to be placed in a spot that will be in within the eyesight of customers that are passing by or waiting. This is the best way for these vending machines to be effective.


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