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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Benefits of Outdoor Vending Locations

Leisure locations such as parks and amusements centers have so far been successful for outdoor vending. Leisure locations are the most lucrative type of site for outdoor snack and beverage vending machines. The larger theme parks tend to hire bottlers to do their vending, but the smaller ones often use independent vending operators. A Planet Antares vending business can do financially well in such locations. These opportunities are also on the rise as more recreational sites open up.

The following factors have fueled growth in potential outdoor vending locations:

• Retail establishments that draw heavy traffic have increased square footage.
• Housing complexes with common areas have grown in number.
• Public parks have experienced growing attendance
• Vending management companies which manage vending services for national accounts have persuaded national accounts to make better use of the vending opportunities available, including outdoor sites.

Outdoor machines suffer fewer maintenance problems as they don’t get kicked like the machines that are placed indoors. This means that if you place a Planet Antares vending machine in an outdoor location, you will end up saving money on repairs since you will not be spending money on the repairs that have been caused by the damage done by customers.

Vending operators have mixed views on how lucrative outdoor locations are, as compared to indoor locations. Some operators have reported that the outdoor machines produce similar returns to indoor machines in similar type locations. On the other hand, vending management companies insist that outdoor locations generate higher sales. As a Planet Antares vending operator, you should always look for ways to maximize your profits. When it comes to outdoor vending, you can start by placing one or two vending machines in outside location to see how they will do.

Higher investment, higher returns
The cost of maintaining a Planet Antares machine outdoors might turn out to be higher higher, but your returns will also be higher. Independent vending operators, moreover, have the option of leasing cold drink machines from bottlers, who can then assume the additional overhead for security. A large number of operators have experienced success with beverage and snack vending machines in outdoor locations.

Outdoor vending poses an opportunity for growth at a time when traditional locations are saturated. These locations can turn out to be more profitable for vending businesses.


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