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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Advantages of Electronic Locks

For as long as vending machines have existed, burglars have always been looking for ways to get into them. This has been a big problem for vending operators, because theft from the vending machine means losing cash or product. This would be a loss for you. Today there are a variety of electronic vending locks available to protect all types of vending machines. These locks offer several advantages as compared to conventional lock key methods. Protecting your Planet Antares vending machine from theft, should be at the top of your list. Below are some advantages of electronic locks.

1. Hard to pick: These locks can only be opened with an electronic key. Some systems designed for candy snack vending machines and soft drink vending machines, use non- contact infrared key fobs. This eliminates a visible lock on the front of the vending machines, which will deter thieves. This would be great for Planet Antares vending machines.
2. Difficult to drill: Hardened steel roll pins can be incorporated into soft drink machine t-handle locks to prevent drill bits from coming into contact with the actual lock.
3. Keys can’t be duplicated: The software that is used is encrypted so only the vending operator will have access to key codes. This means no one else will have access to your Planet Antares vending machine.
4. Vending operator has full control of keys: Only the vending operator will have full control over when the key is active or how many times the key has to be in use.
5. No need to change locks if key is lost: This is because electronic vending machine keys are inactivated regularly and the operator can quickly change key codes. The security of your vending machine will never be compromised.

Replacing conventional vending machine locks with new electronic vending machine locks does not take more time than regular lock changes. Some styles of electronic replace the barrel plug locks, leaving the main locking components in place. Electronic locks will offer tighter seals in your Planet Antares vending machine than conventional locks. This would result in a decrease in cold air leakage in your vending machine. The compressor life of your vending machine will be extended as well, which would lower energy costs.

Reinforcing weak components of the machine will increase the security of the vending machine. Take all precautions that are necessary to ensure that you don’t suffer any loss in your vending business as a result of theft. You can start by placing electronic locks in your vending machines.


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