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Monday, February 05, 2007

Digital Display Technology in Vending Machines

Digital Display Technology in Vending Machines

Incorporation of digital displays has become more affordable for snack and beverage vending machines operators. This is all thanks to the new advances that have been made. This means that if you want to incorporate one into your Planet Antares vending business, you can easily do that since it is now more affordable.

Digital display for snack and beverage vending machines can be effective in advertising the products in your Planet Antares vending machines and generating more revenue for your vending business. The digital displays are small LCD screens that are placed on the vending machines. Vending machine manufacturers are still experimenting with the placement of these digital displays. Some of them have placed small screens above the coin mechanism of the vending machine, while others have opted to place large screens across the top of the vending machine

A digital display in your Planet Antares vending machines will come with a number of benefits. Some of them have been listed below.

• The maintenance expenses of your vending business will decrease, since graphic icons incur lower maintenance costs than mechanical buttons.
• Static snack and beverage vending machine information will be replaced with dynamic content. This will keep the customers interested.
• It will now be easier for you to secure vending machine locations. This technology will give you an added advantage over other operators when you are competing for locations.
• You can be able to remotely monitor your Planet Antares vending machines. The digital hardware on the vending machines is capable of simple machine networking. This is what will make bi-directional remote monitoring possible.
• There will be no wastage of space in your vending machines. The LCD content for the snack and beverage vending machine digital display will be stored in its own dedicated hard drive. This means that the storage of information will not steal space from product storage areas of the vending machine.
• Split screen features in the digitals displays of your vending machine will enable several media sources to be displayed at the same time. This can come in handy when you need to advertise on the vending machine.

Digital display can be a regular tool for vending operators that are looking for a competitive advantage. Competition will be quite strong in a location that has the same kind of vending machines. Despite the competition, you should always look for ways of your vending machines to stand out.


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