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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vending Machine Safety

When choosing a vending machine, always keep safety as your top priority. There are accidents that have occurred to individuals while using a vending machine. These accidents have been the result of intentional misuse and abuse of the vending machine. This is usually done by tipping, shaking or rocking of the machine.

Possible steps need to be taken to avoid or reduce the number of such incidents taking place. As an owner of a Planet Antares vending machine, you will need to determine the safety of the location of the vending machine and you also have to check on the manner in which it has been installed. These are some of the factors that can lead to accidents in the vending area.

The Planet Antares vending program will provide you with guidelines on vending machines safety, which will help you, place their vending machines in the right location as well as in the right manner. As business owner you may not know much about which precautions you need to take when placing your vending machine. This is why you will need guidelines.

As the purchaser of a Planet Antares vending machine, you should immediately take steps to be sure that the risk of accidents caused by the machines put on location by you should not occur. Make sure that the location of the vending machine is well light and that the vending machine is securely anchored to the floor, wall or other stable fixed building component.

Accidents will never occur if the vending machine is located in a place where it is accessible when there are no attendants in close proximity, or if the facility is closed for other business. You will need to take precautions to ensure that the vending machine cannot be tipped over. Vending machines in such locations should be anchored to the floor, wall, and post or by attaching two or more machines together

To warn customers about the danger involved in tipping or rocking the vending machine, you can affix a decal on the vending machine, which will warn them about that. Keep in mind that is an accident occurs in a vending location that has your vending machine, the consumer can decide to hold you responsible. To ensure smooth running of your Planet Antares vending business, take all the precautions that are necessary.


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