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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are Vending Machines Suitable For Being Installed In Schools?

There is a lot of controversy about installation of vending machines in schools. Increasing rate of obesity especially among children is the main reason for this. Drastic change in food habits and lifestyles has drawn children towards junk food. With both parents being employees there is hardly anyone to warn them against the hazards of consuming junk food.

Schools have always remained the first priority for installing vending machines among operators. However, with growing consciousness among parents and management, things have changed slightly. Majority schools are undergoing healthy vending changes due to increased recommendations from nutritionists, parents as well as state legislatures. Candy, chocolates, snacks, ice-cream, burgers, pizzas are being replaced by fruit juices, low fat snacks, milk and other natural products.

If you are a vending operator, you need to keep yourself updated with these changes in eating habits of customers on a regular basis. This would help you in vending products that would satisfy the requirements of your customers and thus become successful in your business.

Installing vending machines in schools still remains to be a good choice, provided operator makes some changes in the kind of products he is dispensing. Some of them are stated below:

• Eating healthy food: Vending operators should make required changes to promote healthy eating.

• Low carbohydrate food: Since customers are counting on the intake of carbohydrates, operators need to offer low carbohydrate and high protein products.

• Healthy food:
Schools and parents are encouraging healthy food for children and are replacing junk food with healthy products. Operators should make use of this opportunity.

• Change in lifestyles:
More and more individuals are seeking to make changes in their eating habits to lead healthier life styles. Customers are looking for products that can control their cholesterol and body fats.

These are sure shorts ways of making your business a big success. For more information Planet Antares staff can be of great help. Planet Antares has been leading the industry for over two decades and understand the business like no one else.

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