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Friday, June 12, 2009

Deal With Fuel Problems

The economy is facing price hikes in every sector. A hike in the fuel prices leads to additional expenses to your Planet Antares vending business. Usually transportation of products from home or warehouse to the locations is carried by personal vehicles of the operators or in the case of transportation from warehouse; vending trucks are utilized because of their capacity to carry large number of products at one time. In any case fuel availability is essential.

Hiring a route driver for your large sized vending business becomes a requirement for vending operators. In case you don’t keep an eye on these route drivers, they can make iniquitous usage of the official transport. Using the vehicle for their personal needs will lead to the superfluous consumption of the fuel adding to your expenses. It becomes essential to keep a track of the fuel consumption by your drivers.

One way is to install GPS (Global Positioning System). This modern technique will not just help to watch your vehicles operations but also let your drivers utilize the system and not go off track of the vending route. This technique has helped the vending operators a great deal.

Get your vehicles serviced at regular intervals so that it functions properly without consuming any extra fuel. Another way to save the fuel expenses would be to make use of cheaper alternatives such as propane which is cheaper than either diesel or gasoline. In case you are considering any of the fuel alternatives, judge the performance difference that may occur. You obviously won’t want to compromise the fuel expenses at the rate of the performance.

Guide your drivers through the optimum usage of vehicles and make them aware of the consequences that they might have to face due to dishonesty. Providing them incentives will make them loyal to your business.

Hiring a well known or established transport company can also prove to be beneficial for your vending business and keep a track on the operations.

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