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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best Transport For Planet Antares Vending Business

With resizing of products and change in size of plastic bottles, the demand for vending trucks has increased heavily. While purchasing a truck, it is important for Planet Antares vending operators to consider the vehicle capabilities, driver comfort and other features.

There has been a rise in the weight of trucks. With 20 and 16 ounce cold drink bottles requiring more space, loads are getting heavier on both the driver who is lifting them and the vehicle that is carrying them. This has forced the operators to consider stronger suspension systems and the body of the vehicle has to provide more space. The bottles can also be arranged in such a way so that lesser effort is needed by the driver like bending and lifting.

The conventional step-in van is still the number 1 choice for most vending operators. The advantage step offers ease of loading for the driver. Step vans enable the driver access to the merchandise without leaving the vehicle.

Planet Antares vending operators have found other options to consider when it comes to reducing the driver’s workload and at the same time, achieving greater cost efficiencies. Bigger chassis are capable of offering enhanced driver comfort, better maneuverability and greater costs efficiency over the long run.

When you purchase a truck, individual needs must be considered. As a vending operator, you can go for dedicated beverage trucks with built in cooler.

The top priority while purchasing a new route vehicle for your vending business by Planet Antares Inc is ease of loading. An efficient internal layout will minimize effort expended loading and unloading. It is found that most vending operators underestimate the actual vehicle weight. It is important that they assess the actual weight and chassis before deciding upon the vehicle. Also never forget the drivers comfort, after all it is the Driver who will use it and if it is not comfortable, the loss on time, brokerage etc would be your fault.

Your Planet Antares vending business needs to be conducted professionally and choosing the right vehicles is part of making it successful. Plan it carefully and then go ahead with your decisions regarding the vending machine products and trucks to carry them.

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