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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Planet Antares Vending Business

Brand is much more than a symbol. It’s the GOODWILL. You can view it as everything an organization says and does – the combination of its behavior, services and products offered as well as the presentation. With Planet Antares you will sure of being with a BRAND.

An emotional link that conveys value, faith, trust and character is conveyed by your Planet Antares vending business brand. It also makes you stand out you from other vendors in the market. A strong and well developed brand is a tactical weapon against competition in the vending marketplace.

Effective branding involves a disciplined focus, consistency of message and proactive attention. It must be research based and aligned with your business goals. It is also a necessity to provide a clear direction. A successful approach for branding involves a four step process:

1) Define a brand strategy that is relevant as it is based on fundamental customer preferences, differentiated because it reflects unique value and credible as it is authentic and true.
2) Next, you need to translate findings into memorable and meaningful positioning statement and visual brand identity that clearly articulates the operator’s value and matches the key business objectives.
3) Execution of the branding strategy comes next. This is done through integrated communications that support the positioning and build strong, favorable associations in the mind of existing and future customers.
4) Measurement and evaluation of progress to judge the changes in perceptions and awareness, while making essential adjustments in the process.

A significant role can be played by your employees when they become ambassadors for your brand. The brand of your vending business has to have a way of communicating with customers directly. When you accomplish this, you will be successful at establishing a strong brand name for your Planet Antares vending business.

For effective branding in your Planet Antares vending business, you can revolutionize your vending business and place your brand at the center of your corporate strategy. This will mean alignment of all your communications, operations and systems with your brand mission and values.

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