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Monday, April 27, 2009

Uniform DEX Standards For Effective Vending

Manufacturers are blamed generally by vending operators of not doing enough to standardize the DEX hardware and software. Some are of the view that manufacturers did not adopt a set of standards. As far as Planet Antares vending operators are concerned, they wan the NAMA to be more strict on adopting DEX standards. Even several equipment manufacturers agree that standards can be improved to a certain extent.

In certain cases, the DEX standards have been too broad. Out of these, the more stern ones may be able to sort out the problems that are being faced by some Planet Antares vending operators. Manufacturers have specified that not all machines require that same type of data. There is risk of extra cost in excessive standardization without providing any additional benefits.

In itself, this is a judgment based on technical interpretation. Further, equipment manufacturers have pointed out that the task of gathering data in a usable form is one that should be handled by the software company only.

Even if additional standards are adopted by NAMA, manufacturers will add to that list for specific equipment needs. Whether minimum standards are essential to begin with is open to question, since many protocols are already being followed for the sake of convenience and simplicity.

Some DEX data tends to be standard in all vending machines including Planet Antares vending machines. These include:

  • Coin mechanical fields
  • Coin to tube
  • Coin to coin box
  • Coin from tubes
  • Total coins
  • Cash from validator
  • Total vends
  • Total cash

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