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Friday, November 14, 2008

Major Factors Influencing Planet Antares Vending Business Success

If your goal is to become a successful Planet Antares vending operator, you need to stay on top of numerous factors at the locations that spell the difference between profit and loss.

The relationship can survive only when both parties derive some benefit from it and professional managers understand this. This may seem easy but is quite tricky to achieve. It is difficult to design effective win-win relationships because by nature, business relations are adversarial in form.

In service industries like vending, many deals can be long term in nature. In the long run, it is likely that the needs of one or both parties will change. As a Planet Antares vending operator, you need to understand that every location agreement, verbal or written, is or should be subject to renegotiation, at any time.

Many changes may occur in the typical operator/location relationship over a period of time. The cost of some snack or soft drink can rise unexpectedly, which means that the operator will have to increase prices.

As a result, the location will add a second shift and thus, require additional service hours or more equipment. It will cancel the existing second shift and unless changes are made in service hours, selling prices, comissions or vending machines, the account will not be profitable anymore.

Competitors may come along at this stage and offer lower prices, higher commissions or additional services. Such issues must be identified and dealt with in due time so that the Planet Antares vending operator can remain profitable in business.

Unfortunately, the original problem is seldom solved by vendors. That is, building a realistic profit and return on investment into the terms of the original contract. Usually, the Planet Antares vending operator seems willing to give away the store without any thought to the bottom line. This happens in their haste to book the location and build the top location.

If you think about it, every location deserves a careful pro-forma analysis to determine the terms that can be offered in order to maintain the bottom line because location profits margins tend to deteriorate over time.

Hence, Planet Antares vending operators need to pay attention to the basic details of all the influential factors that can render a vending location successful or make it a failure. After all, your vending machines and locations are two of the most important features of your business and their profitability is imperative for you to establish a thriving business.

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