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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Basics of Planet Antares Small Vending Machine Business

In the booming vending industry, there are many new entrants who want to take advantage of the vending business opportunity to become their own boss. Evidently, it is a unique, well paying way to break the monotony and restrictions of a job and attain the status of an entrepreneur.

Beginners can invest a small amount of money in order to establish a small vending machine business. Basically, small vending operators can be classified into three main categories:

• Hobbyists
• Startups
• Specialists

Here is a brief description of each of these categories of Planet Antares small vending business operators:

#1. Hobbyists
Under this category are people who don’t start a full time vending business. Their regular job remains the primary source of income while the vending business is a parallel source of extra income. This allows them to get a feel of the business without investing too much time, money or effort in it. Planet Antares Inc has various programs that can help hobbyists in setting up a part time vending machine business.

#2. Startups
A full time vending business can also be started on a small scale. You can choose to make it a one person start-up or take help from your family and friends to operate it. The critical stage arrives when your business has grown enough to require additional help from outsiders. Also, you will need to buy a route vehicle to serve different locations on the vending route efficiently.

#3. Specialists
Specialists aim to excel in a particular niche and then, generate maximum possible profits from it. They identify niche opportunities and target locations within the selected niche. At the smaller leel, they serve a small group of customer accounts with good quality service and personal attention that may be missing in a large corporation.

No matter which category you fall in, Planet Antares vending programs are tailormade for suiting specific requirements of all vending operators. If you want to start a full line vending business, it is best to buy one or two vending machines and expand slowly as you get to understand the various aspects of the vending industry.

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