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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mid Market Accounts And Planet Antares Vending

The rise in cost of operation has forced many Planet Antares vending operators to ignore locations with fewer than 100 people. However, there is still one segment of this market, the honor box customers, which continues to hold on. Now, even they have started exploring new alternatives with the increasing product and labor costs.

One such opportunity is the mid market accounts. These include vending locations that are quite small for traditional vending machines but larger than 10 to 50 person accounts that honor box operators traditionally serve. Planet Antares vending operators can take an interest in this untapped market.

Till now, the honor snack market remains the exclusive domain of a few operators who have learned to survive the demands of a changing market with:

• Product shrinkage
• High employee turnover
• Almost no means of product accountability

Certain vending operators believe that vending is not a threat to any of the honor box accounts. No vending company is interested in an account with just 18 employees. Majority of the honor box accounts have less than 50 employees and one of the key elements of honor snack business is high account volume.

If an honor snack box is unable to meet the requirements of an account, you can place multiple boxes at the location. In addition to this, you can takeover an account with 80 people or more that want a snack machine and soda machine like Planet Antares vending machines.

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