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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Changes In Planet Antares Candy Vending

With changes in key supplier programs, Planet Antares vending operators are being forced to rethink plans in one of the most important product categories – candy bars.

As costs continue to rise in this important segment, Planet Antares vending operators have started reconsidering their buying plans. Most operators feel that they cannot raise prices more than they already have, due to the competition in the industry. Some of them have considered larger size bars that allow operators to provide greater value for a higher price.

The common vending operator is still unsure about their plans but all of them agreed that there could be more changes to candy bar offerings in the time to come since the introduction of the glass front Planet Antares candy/snack vending machines.

Some of the operators are waiting for price points to move up a little more before they start offering large size candy in their vending machines. You can decide to sell less volume of candy in your vending machines by decreasing the candy facings from two shelves to one and a half. This can work for you if candy is one of the least profitable things that you sell.

A certain amount of cost is involved in changing candy spirals to larger snack spirals. In the long run, this added investment will be worth it for your Planet Antares vending business. At the same time, there are some snack companies that are ready to offer incentives if they get guaranteed placements.

Your profitability will not be compromised by the higher prices items. Of course, there will be a number of customers that complain of the price hike. A lot of Planet Antares vending operators have witnessed lesser number of complaining customers which means that the days of price sensitivity have gone.

Large sized candy and king size bars also create a better price environment for large candy bags. The performance of these items has also shown signs of improvement in the recent years.


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