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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Winning Planet Antares Vending Products

If you want success in vending, make sure that customers like the products in your Planet Antares vending machines. That’s the only way that they will be winning products. For that your vending products need to have quality, brand recognition, catchy packaging and a good profit margin.

Several factors can influence the customer’s perception of the value of vending products. Usually, their decisions are based on how products are perceived in the convenience stores and in other retail outlets. Customer orientation is towards value, implying that they compare pricing with what they see and buy in c-stores. Most vending machines sell the same products for lower prices than c-stores and other retail channels. This is one of the reasons for placing the machines in right locations to ensure high sales.

Optimal product mix in your Planet Antares vending machines is very important for the success of your vending business. Associate yourself with a local supplier that will offer all the products that you require. Vending suppliers and distributors are aware of the popular items and can provide important suggestion for the same to you. Branded products will surely do well in vending machines as these are easily recognized.

By placing branded items in your vending machines, you can be free from the headache of promoting your products. These sell themselves. Some products are in-demand for the moment but will lose their popularity after some time. In such a case, you must ride the wave by placing the product in your Planet Antares vending machine. When its popularity is over, replace the product with the next popular one. This ensures that you have only fast moving items in your vending machines.

Majority of the vending machine purchases are impulsive and this makes it crucial to focus on vending product packaging. It must appeal to the customer and grab his/her attention at once. Make sure that packaging of vending products is colorful and unique and the graphics must be positioned in a way that the item can be easily identified from the purchaser’s position.

As customers can’t pick up and examine the products before buying them, the display in your vending machines must be such that attracts and sells to the customer. Glass front vending machines such as Planet Antares vending machines are best for that, since the customer can easily see the products.


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