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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vending Machines – Safety First

There have been various accidents that have occurred from the use of vending machines, as well as vandalism and theft. The accidents that occur are ones that can be prevented so long as one is careful when using the vending machine. Planet Antares vending machines are designed to prevent theft, however nothing can deter a person who is determined to steal items or money from a vending machine.

There have been times that people place money in a vending machines and wait for the products to be delivered, yet nothing comes out of the vending machine. This usually ends up being a frustrating experience for many people, which leads them shake or tilt the vending machine in an attempt to get the product out. This is when the vending machine can become dangerous. The vending machine can easily fall on the customers at that time. If you have a Planet Antares vending machines make sure that it has been placed in a stable position in the location, so that consumers are not able to move it around. Safety has to be your number on priority when you place a vending machine in a location.

In 1995, a number of vending machine manufacturers teamed up with the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to put a stop to vending machines related accidents. They launched an industry-wide warning label campaign which was to alert consumers on the risks that are involved with rocking or tilting the vending machines. All your vending machines should have warning labels about the danger of tilting or rocking the vending machines. The labels can also have graphics with illustrations about the warning.

With vending machines, someone is not always there to watch over how the vending machine is being used. To avoid theft and vandalism, place your Planet Antares vending machines in good neighborhoods. People tend to shake and vandalize vending machines, or steal from the vending machines when no one is watching them. This is when most accidents occur. This is the reason why, you need to have a sign that warns people about the dangers of mishandling the vending machine.

Kids are more prone to accidents more than anybody else. That is why it is important that your vending machines are user friendly. Kids have the tendency to get their fingers stuck in the corners of vending machines. Planet Antares vending machines are user friendly vending machines, which means that they are safe for kids to use.


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