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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How to Compel Customers to Buy From Your Vending Machine

With any vending business, your aim is to a make a profit at each and every stage. One sure way of achieving this is by having maximum sales from your vending machines. In order to have maximum sales, there has to be a large number of customers buying from your vending machines. As a Planet Antares vending operator, you will need to place your vending machines in the right locations with the right products to ensure that customers keep coming back to your vending machines. There is of course much more that you can do to ensure a high number of product sales from your vending machines.

The location that you pick for your Planet Antares vending machines have to be locations that have high traffic. This means that the locations have to have a large number of potential customers. Locations such as shopping malls, subways and retail stores make profitable locations for snack and beverage vending machines. To make a location more profitable, you need to place the Planet Antares vending machines in positions that are centralized. Customers should be able to see the vending machines from any angle. Since sales from vending machines are impulse buys, customers will only buy from your vending machines if they are able to see the machine. The area that you have placed the vending machine has to be well-lit as well to ensure that the vending machine is visible.

Keep only the products that are most desired by your customers in your vending machines. There is really no point in vending products that customers will hardly ever buy. Pick products that are popular at any particular time. You can do this by keeping a track on the product trends. The Planet Antares vending machines have to be also well stocked with the desired product. Customers tend to avoid vending machines that are half empty, usually in areas that have other vending machines. If a customer finds a vending machine out of their favorite product, they will avoid that machine in the future. That is why it is important to keep your vending machine well stocked. With glass front vending machines, the customers will know which products are available in the vending machine. You can also let your customers know about what products are available with signage.

Vending machines have to be well maintained to keep them functioning at all times. Preventative maintenance is something that you can practice to ensure that the mechanical functioning of the machines never fails. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a vending machine that is out of order. This will keep customers away from your vending machines. Customers also appreciate clean vending machines, so make it a point to clean the vending machine whenever you service the machine.


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