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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Choose Planet Antares Inc, Avoid Dishonest Vendors

In the dynamic, every changing vending industry, you will come across all kinds of entrepreneurs and their operations may or may not be legitimate. The trick is to recognize dishonest vending operators and steer clear of any business relationships with them as partners, suppliers or customers.

Commonly, dishonest vending operators will report fictitious sales of lower amount to the client.

Alteration of the original, actual amount is done at some point during:
• Collection
• Counting
• Data entry
• Commission calculation

If all this is being conducted by a single person, all other members of the vending operator may be aware of the scam. This person may be the manager or the route driver.

Planet Antares vending business owners will need to hire people who are trustworthy to run their vending business. If the personnel are dishonest, this will bring bad reputation to you.

Unfortunately, certain vending operators prefer running a dishonest vending business and their only concern is to prevent the customer from finding out. Once recognized as a fraudster, he will loose the account and possibly face legal charges to recover lost commissions. To prevent any such situation, you must employ honest and experienced staff in your Planet Antares vending business.

The majority of the operator’s team handles cash or products that can be converted into cash. Hence, it is a must to look for employees with ethics, moral integrity and a conscience to prevent stealing incidents in your vending operations.

Apart from these issues, a dishonest vendor even faces the real market risk. For example: If a location is lost due to under reporting of sales and is taken over by a reputable Planet Antares vending operator, it will show a sharp increase in sales and hence, greatly appreciated.

Remember that an honest vendor always has the potential to drive a dishonest vendor out of business. He may contact other locations and tell them about the wrongful activities of the fraudster vending operator. This means more business for the legitimate vending operators and higher profitability in the end.

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