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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Benefits Of Using Large Sized Candy In Vending Machines

Recent years have seen a massive change in the vending industry. There has been rapid increase in the cost of various items such as product costs, commissions, health insurance, vehicle expenses, etc that has made it very difficult for vending operators to survive and make profits.

However, there are still opportunities in the vending business that can ensure vending business efficiency and enhance growth potential in terms of sales as well as profitability. One of the most common strategies would be to raise prices of products sold. To make sure that it doesn’t disturb your sales pattern or customer demand, you must offer a variety of higher priced products.

The latest product to be promoted as a great revenue opportunity after large snacks and beverages is the large sized candy. You won’t have to worry about losing sales if all the vending machine operators choose to supply large candy at higher price. This will force the customer to adapt to the price change instead of looking for cheaper products from a competitor.

This is not very realistic as many operators don’t cooperate and follow their individual objectives and business policies. This means that you will have to work independently for your Antares vending business. Be careful while designing a price change in vending machine products like large candy. Initially, you may face lower sales as the other operators continue to supply the old products at lower prices.

If you have a good quality, high capacity vending machine like Planet Antares vending machines, you won’t have much problem while filling the machine with large candy. The existing spirals and shelving placements will accommodate it smoothly. For certain products, you may have to make several adjustments in machine parts for effective vending.

Competitors may also take advantage of any ignorance or gaps in the service done by your technicians or route drivers. They may focus on the conversion process more than other service features leading to service lapses. You will have to check the level of servicing being provided at various locations of the vending route so that this doesn’t prove to be a weakness for your vending business. Also, higher commission will have to be paid to drivers for the same work as they will be filling larger candy in spirals and vending machines.

Moreover, additional investment in machine parts may be required while introducing large candy. Many vending machines have adjustable shelves but some may have to be upgraded for smoother operations. This may be quite expensive but remember that it’s worthwhile as the profits from such a change will be much more than your investment.


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